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600 Breezy Claims He Was Raped While On Xanax


The best description of Youtube’s DJ Smallz Eye is that he is a cheap DJ Vlad knockoff, bringing up-and-coming rappers in for interviews and pressuring them with tough questions until the break down on camera. This makes for good footage, and racks up a whole lot of views on his videos, which in turn fills his pockets and perpetuates the vicious cycle of exploitation. This week’s victim was 600 Breezy, a rapper from Chicago and a notorious member of the Black Disciples. During the interview, Breezy claimed that he took a large dose of Xanax, after which his memory started to fade and the evening became blurry. A woman who he had previously declined to have sex with took advantage of him in his intoxicated state, leaving him the victim of a crime that many still argue does not exist. In the video, Breezy makes a strong case for the fact that men can be raped by women, and that its a problem that needs to be addressed.

To DJ Smallz Eye’s credit, he did not upload the video without the rapper’s consent; Breezy proudly posted a screenshot of the video on his Instagram page featuring a caption advising people against using the anti-anxiety drug. Peep the interview below.

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