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Big Sean Slapped In The Face At Meet-and-Greet

Man, I love me some Big Sean but there have definitely been a few times where he has spit something so corny I wanted to wind up and backhand all of his teeth out. It seems like someone else feels the same way I do, as a lucky fan purchased backstage passes for a meet-and-greet with the Detroit rapper only to slap him right in his face, a proper act of emasculation.

The fan was quickly tackled and manhandled by police in a clip that perfectly illustrates the absurdity of police brutality. The man is clearly not a threat, and goes down to the floor as soon as he is told, and yet all of these police officers tackle him and put their knees into his back so he can’t breathe. Seems to go against all logic, but I’m sure it was worth it, as the guy got to go down in history as the one who slapped Big Sean.

His next target is reportedly Jhene Aiko’s ass. Watch the video below.

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