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Cappin’ 365: A year since Capo was murdered


With July 11th around the corner fans are preparing their celebratory playlist for slain Chicago rapper Capo. Born Marvin Carr on April 22nd, 1994, Capo was one of GBE’s founding members; helping bring the Chicago drill scene to the surface in 2012-2013 – racking up millions of streams on YouTube and Soundcloud along the way. His syrupy auto-tuned flow gathered a loyal following of “Cap Stans”, but one of his biggest challenges was being in Chief Keef’s shadow.

The young rapper just couldn’t shake the comparisons to Chief Keef, often being called a “clone” or “copycat”. Both Capo and Chief Keef shared the same style of dreadlocks, clothes and jewelry, since Chief Keef was the bigger artist Capo was labeled the duplicate. However, in 2014 he had a falling out with his Glo Gang brethren, forcing him to abandon his post at Chief Keef’s LA mansion and move back to Chicago. It was here Capo began to build his own identity once again, trading in the trademarks of a Glo Boy (Air Force 1’s and True Religion Jeans) for high fashion. His ripped Balmain Jeans and Maison Margiela sneakers turned him into a man of confidence and assurance. Granting him re-entry into Chief Keef’s inner-circle. Unfortunately it was a short-lived victory.

On July 11th, 2015 Capo was standing on the 7700th block of South Kingston in Chicago, IL when a car pulled up and began firing shots. After the smoke cleared, Capo laid on the ground covered in blood, trying to stay awake long enough for the ambulance to arrive. Bystanders foolishly recorded a bloody Capo gasping for breath, others screamed and yelled: “Stay awake!” but their efforts were in vain. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

In the wake of Capo’s murder, 1 year old Dillan Harris was hit and killed by the fleeing assailants. Another innocent bystander killed by Chicago gang violence. Interestingly enough, in one of Capo’s last songs “Chiraq” he foreshadowed his own murder: “In my city what you live by you die by, You standing on that block here come a drive-by, And innocent kid they getting hit now let’s ask God why.” – now read this excerpt from The Chicago Tribune below.

Dillan’s mother had been standing on the sidewalk, waiting at a bus stop at 63rd and Ellis with her three kids—Dillan, who was in a stroller, and his two older sisters. On a warm day, they were headed for a family outing at 63rd Street Beach.

That’s when the westbound car, which Chicago Police said was fleeing a fatal shooting in the 7700 block of South Kingston that claimed the life of 22-year-old Marvin “Capo” Carr, raced up.

See the similarities? Crazy right?

In the months following his death, Chief Keef tried to make things right. He set up a charity concert for Dillan Harris, and publicly criticized the gang violence that ravages Chicago. But his charity concert was total failure, police shut it down before it could even begin. Fans were the most heartbroken, Capo’s come-up was in the same magnifying class as Chief Keef, Glo Gang fans witnessed them morph from poor, inner-city hoodlums to multi-millionaires. To make matters worse, the mixtape Capo was working on before he died G.L.O.N.L 3 was supposed to of dropped in the middle of 2015. Sadly it has yet to be released, and the likelihood it will is slim to none. Regardless, Capo will always have a place in our hearts.

Check out the playlist we will be bumping on July 11th below:

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