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Chxpo Releases Surprise New Mixtape “Sauce For Sell”


Thank God, our prayers have been answered. New Local Savage favorite Chxpo has finally blessed us with a new mixtape, the first since February’s autotune-drenched Emo Savage. That was one of the most hauntingly emotional collections of music ever put to wax, a true exercise in heartbreak and human endurance. Now, Chxpo is back, and he’s not finished.

Over absolutely banging production from Scott Sauce, Chxpo details his days in the streets and his opinion on the current rap game. Have you noticed that every rapper nowadays is trying to sound like Chxpo? Yeah, so has he, and he’s not happy about it. After what seems to have been a very successful trip to SXSW judging from his Instagram, the So Icy Bandgod is ready to grab 2017 by the balls and make it his bitch. If you’ve never heard of him before, let this tape be your introduction.

Listen to Sauce For Sell below.

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