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Comedic Rapper, 3Pac, Is Reportedly On Life Support; Brain Dead


Up & coming comedic rapper, 3Pac, is reportedly on life support.

A close friend of 3Pac took to facebook to break the unfortunate news that 3Pac is on life support following a water polo accident. Judy Cerda, who was in the infamous Rich White Man Mark Cuban, told facebook that 3Pac is not doing very well.

“I am so very sad and crying right now. My friend and partner in some great music videos is in the hospital on life support right now. His name is 3Pac (aka Ryan James aka Ryan Harryman). Apparently he drowned during water polo and was revived and taken to the hospital but has not come to at all. He is on life support and can’t function without it. I am so sad for him and know his family is going through a rough time. I didn’t expect this at all. We were going to do a music video this weekend and when I checked back, I didn’t hear from him so I checked his page and saw his brother’s message. Thankfully his photographer (best friend) called me and filled me in on the details. This is really bad news and I am so upset. All we can do is pray that a miracle happens for him. Read more.

She also said that 3Pac will be taken off of life support tomorrow. “The bad news is he will be taken off life support tomorrow as he has been declared brain dead.” (via Judy)

It is hard to believe that 3Pac may be dead. He was a funny guy. A few of his videos made it to WSHH and he was growing a solid fanbase.

Stay tuned for more information as it surfaces.


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