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Desiigner, Drugs & Zombies: Get To Know TheShellGod


‘TheShellGod’ is a music producer with a unique sound and singular style that makes him standout from the rest. His obsession with Bape clothing and xanax fueled tweets makes him a target for some and a go to producer for others. Get to know him a little better below:

For starters, tell me a little about yourself. 

“I’m The Shell God, fans don’t need to know my real name, they can just google it or something haha. I’m from Southside Charlotte, NC — South Tryon Street Exit 1. Deep South Side. I am 19 years old.”

So how did you get into production? Who taught you the ropes?

“I got into producing heavy after I met bro Knock, or Speaker Knockerz for those who didn’t him. We talked for about an hour and he knew I was just starting off, he gave me a lot of pointers and tricks/tips on bettering my beats and overall sound. After he passed I put it in my head that I was going to make it in this music shit and do great things.”

It sounds like producing is your passion. 

“It is. I would definitely consider music my calling, I can see myself doing this till I’m 90 years old. Music is something that has been around me since I can remember, it just takes my mind to a whole different place. When some fu sh*t is going on you know, I can vent on my keypad and make beats. All the world’s problems fade away when I turn that computer on and start cookin up.”

Tell me about the first artist to show you love. I know you worked with Capo, you guys seemed pretty close. 

“First artist that really started rockin with me heavy was BlastHisAss from Team 600. Free bro, he’s going on trial soon. He made “Gang Members” with Justo and it took off, that’s why I really support Team 600. They showed me love when nobody else did. That’s real, shit like that is too rare nowadays you know. Capo too, I learned a lot of from him. I actually talked to him 2 days before he passed, I’ll never forget him. He played a huge role in developing my career.”

You dropped your first beat tape with us a few months back, since then you produced Desiigner’s first track “Zombie Walk” and got a decent following. How has life changed since dropping your tape to now?

“I want to say life hasn’t really changed, but I’d be lying if I did (laughs). Money has been coming in way faster now, but people that know me know that I’ve never been the type of person to let money change me. My mind isn’t 100% money oriented you know, loyalty holds more weight than money in my eyes. Ni*ggas out here will switch up on you for a few bucks, the world isn’t what it used to be.”

Right after Desiigner dropped “Zombie Walk” he dropped “Panda” and has become a national sensation. Have you guys talked since he blew up? More importantly, do you guys have new music on the way?

“Yea, that’s bro. We haven’t me in person yet but we’ve talked a few times. He’s real down to earth and he is handling the fame real well. He knows his shit #1 on iTunes but he’s still trying to improve. We plan on dropping Zombie Walk part 2 soon.”

Will it feature anyone new?

“Nope, just Desiigner and King Savage produced by me. No need to switch things up.”

What are your thoughts on “Panda”? Do you wish “Zombie Walk” blew instead?

“I love the song, bro knows he’s talented and he’s switching his styles up to keep people interested. I can’t be mad that Panda blew up before Zombie Walk, it’s just what the people were rockin with more. Both are hits that get thousands of views daily, I can’t really feel any type of way about that you know.”

Who do you want to work with next?

“Everybody that I wanted to work with, I have — Chief Keef, Capo, Fredo Santana/SSR, Desiigner and the GOOD Music guys, Maxo Kream. I have some music in the works with Kodak Black & J Stash. I would like to work with Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, G Herbo, Future, 21 Savage, Bobby Shmurda, Fat Trel and legendary artist like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell.”

Tell me about your beef with Jose Guapo. Have you guys talked since the beef went public? How did the whole thing go down?

“I haven’t seen him since the whole thing went down. He said some stuff on Twitter, but he blocked me after I responded so I can’t see anything he post. I’m not looking over my shoulder about the situation, he knows where to find me. Same place. I’ve been in Atlanta since he “banned” me, nothing happened. I’m focused on money and music, he’s off the radar to me.”

To wrap things up, tell me who inspires TheShellGod?

“Inspirations? I have lot’s of people who inspire me. I listen to so much music. My mom’s from West Virginia so she listened to the The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen stuff like that. My pops put me on sh*t like Grandmaster Flash, Mobb Deep and old school hip-hop like that. As far as music production, I’d have to say Speaker Knockerz, Zaytoven, Harry Fraud, and Kanye. Kanye goes crazy in the studio, a lot of people forget how good his beats are.”

A couple of your fans had some questions for you. Would you be down to answer a few?


Zak asks: Favorite Underground Artist?

“There’s a few artist I am rocking with heavy. JB Bin Laden, you can tell he really been through a lot of sh*t and made it through real struggles. Ballout, I know he really lives that trap life. Kodak Black, he’s a young independent tapper chasing checks, I’m on the same sh*t.”

Zeke asks: Favorite drug/strain of weed?
“I f*ck with Xanax heavy. It really just sets a relaxed vibe, makes things more easy going. But it’s turning into the new crack. Youth getting hooked onto it without realizing the effects it takes on your body. My  favorite strain is Sour Diesel. I love really loud gas, nothing like opening up a zip or 2 of straight gas and rolling up 20 L’s.”
“My favorite artist that I’ve worked with is probably Capo. He had so many different styles, his versatility was so crazy. He had asked me for some Odd Future type beats 2 days before he passed. He was just elevating his talent to a new level, he turned real life experiences into lyrics, he had a gift.”

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