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Details Emerge About Why Lil Flash Was Jumped


Some key details regarding the reason Lil Flash was jumped 2 nights ago have made their way onto the internet. 

One of the assailants, who goes by the name “lil tray”, posted a video to Instagram earlier today that was taken during a conversation with longtime Glo Gang member, Tray Savage. In the video you can hear Tray Savage telling Lil Tray that he is not apart of Glo Gang nor does he have an association with them. Tray Savage also said KuGlo was not an authentic Glo Gang crew. — Lil Tray and the other assailant, Lil Sam, claim KuGlo heavily on social media.

Lil Tray claims Tray Savage told him that Lil Flash was talking about him behind his back and that’s the reason he and Lil Sam attacked Lil Flash. A video of the altercation was posted onto Lil Tray’s Instagram account the night of the altercation. In the video you can Lil Flash being held down and beaten by the two men. You can watch the video here.

[UPDATE] Tray Savage has responded to Lil Tray via Instagram. See his response below. 

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