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Did Chief Keef Just Move Into Another New Mansion?


After being evicted from his Highland Park residence in early 2014, Chief Keef moved out to California, into a sprawling new mansion and far away from the war-torn streets of Chicago that raised him. A lot has changed since then: he was dropped from Interscope, had two viral hits, dropped a few projects, started touring again, and signed a new record deal with a Greek billionaire before being suspended for bad behavior. Now, he seems to be in gridlock with FilmOn, who apparently won’t allow him to release any new material besides a quick freestyle over an old Soulja Boy beat or short snippets on his Youtube channel. This, coupled with the fact that he has been out of the mainstream eye for years and hasn’t been on the radio since 2013, leads one to question how he is sustaining his luxurious lifestyle on what must be a fixed income. It’s been rumored that Alki David has been financing him, which would make sense, but the two don’t seem to be on great terms currently which makes Keef’s latest decision to move into a new mansion for the second time this year even stranger. Perhaps the other one wasn’t vibing with his creative energy, but for now we’re just hoping he can figure out his situation with FilmOn and drop something new this summer. Peep his Instagram post about the new house here.

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