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Did Tay600 “Snitch” On RondoNumbaNine & Cdai?


The question on a lot of people’s mind this morning is if one of Team 600’s founding members, Tay600,  is responsible for the 45 to life sentence RondoNumbaNine & Cdai received yesterday.

RondoNumbaNine was arrested on March 9th, 2014 for the murder of Javan Boyd, a 28 year old cab driver who was gunned down on Feb 22nd, 2014. 9 days later, Rondo’s alleged accomplice Cdai, was arrested. Both were charged with murder and held without bond. After they were arrested, very little information was given regarding their respective cases. For roughly a year we heard nothing but rumors about Rondo and/or Cdai “coming home soon”.

Beyond the rumors and speculation, it was apparent prosecutors had enough evidence to hold the rappers in jail for years. The most important piece of evidence in the case was Cdai’s phone, which he allegedly left at the crime scene.

Now, after 2 years of sitting in a jail cell, Cdai and Rondo have been given their time in court and it ended terribly. They were sentenced to 45 years in prison, reportedly, and apparently double crossed by their Team 600 counterpart, Tay600.

Below we have put together a simple timeline of Tay600’s ‘involvement’ in the case. Check it out and let us know what you think. Did he “Snitch”?

8 Months Ago: Members of Team 600 begin pointing fingers at Tay600, blaming him for “snitching” on Rondo and Cdai.

6 Months Ago: More accusations of “snitching” are thrown Tay600’s way. Leader of Team600, Edai, claims to of seen court documents with Tay600’s name on them. Only fueling the fire.

March 7th, 2016: Tay600 is arrested for Criminal Contempt (refusing to cooperate with authorities). He allegedly ripped a subpoena in half and said he did not want to help prosecutors.

March 9th, 2016: Tay600 gets added charges of Gun Possession & Resisting Arrest.

March 11th, 2016: RondoNumbaNine & Cdai are sentenced to 45 years in prison; Tay600 is released from jail. 600Breezy blames Tay600 for the guilty verdict.




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