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Four Things We Need From “Big Gucci Sosa 2”


October of 2014: Chief Keef dropped Big Gucci Sosa (stream here), a collab mixtape with his mentor & ATL rap legend, Gucci Mane. The project was a success in some ways, and a massive let down in others, but one thing was made apparent: Chief Keef and Gucci Mane have something special.

And with Gucci Mane now freed from prison, Big Gucci Sosa 2 could very well see a 2016 release…. and here are 4 things we need from it.

Production from Chief Keef

Chief Keef didn’t start putting serious effort into producing until 2014, when he linked up with DP Beats to learn his way around basic beatmaking. Although he is no Zaytoven, he has improved drastically since he first got behind the boards and even crafted his own certified hit, “Faneto.” This leaves us wondering if Gucci will hop on a few Sosa beats, and bless the Chicago rapper with an actual placement.

Face to face studio sessions

A recurring trend in hip-hop is collaborating via email, where an artist sends a verse to another artist electronically instead of actually meeting in person and sharing some quality time in the studio. Emailing verses isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can definitely deduct from the atmosphere of a song/project. Chief Keef and Gucci’s connection was far more obvious in “Darker” which was recorded before Gucci Mane was arrested and is the only record the two have done together that has a video. Compare that song to records like “Turn Up” & “Sumn Sumn” which were recorded after Gucci Manes incarceration, and you can clearly see the difference. Hopefully Chief Keef can make his way to Indiana, where Gucci is serving his house arrest, and record a few tracks with the Trap God.

A feature from Young Thug

Radric Davis, colloquially known as “Guwop,” has fathered a lot of rappers, but his standout protégés are without a doubt Chief Keef & Young Thug. In 2014, Thug mentioned that he and Keef talk almost every day, so that relationship is already established enough to bleed over into producing actual music. Getting three dynamic personalities into the studio together could lead to disaster or a masterpiece paralleled only by the greatest works of Renaissance artists; the only way we could ever find out is if it actually happens. The best part is, Gucci could probably set it up with one phone call, so it is totally within the realm of possibility.

Beats from the hottest producers out right now

We’ve heard Chief Keef over Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, 808 Mafia, and Mike Will beats. We’ve heard Gucci over the same. We all know how well collaborations between all of these guys turn out, so we can only imagine that they could all seriously serve up some heat on BGS2. Producers like Metro also seem to have the innate ability to bring the best out of the rappers he works with, most likely due to the respect demanded by his incredibly talent behind the boards.

These are the four most important things we would want to see on a second Big Gucci Sosa project, but of course there are honorable mentions. When are we going to get that Jet Li remix? What would Gucci and Keef sound like on a track if they were both sober and trying to top each other lyrically? Competition should be inherent in a project like this, and we hope the two rappers can create an atmosphere of intensity in the studio to produce the best possible results.

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