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Fredo Releases New Clip From Upcoming “Fredo Mafia” Movie


It’s finally here, guys. The movie that nobody asked for or wanted will be hitting the small screen this summer. Fredo Mafia was a decent enough album, but it certainly didn’t have the storytelling or substance to be fleshed out into a decent full length film…or did it?

Judge for yourself from the clip below, part of a scene from the upcoming movie. It looks horribly acted, with corny special effects, but maybe if Fredo is going for a parody of the gangster genre it could work out quite nicely. I won’t lie, the guy laying int the trunk halfheartedly moaning that he would never snitch with the same amount of energy as a friend trying to convince his other friend not to get a certain pizza topping made me laugh pretty hard. Peep the video and let us know what you think.

This summer #FredoMafia the movie the most anticipated street movie since boyz in da hood @savagesquadrecords

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