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GBE Terintino Gives Out Random Lady’s Number, Says It’s Famous Dex

Well, here’s a new beef to watch out for on all of your social media this month. Trouble seems to be brewing between GBE’s Terintino and Famous Dex, and last night it boiled over onto Instagram. Terintino posted a screenshot with Dex’s supposed phone number and the message “Go Crazy,” encouraging fans to harass Dex as revenge for some perceived slight.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t even Dex’s actual number; it was the number of a mom from New Jersey, whose phone started going off around the time Terintino posted the photo. While this obviously is a misfortune for the poor woman, it certainly gave us a good laugh. Terintino has since deleted his original post, but the damage was already done. This all leaves us wondering, what is going on between Dex and Terintino? And is this New Jersey woman really Famous Dex in disguise? Stay tuned.

These were the messages we received from herย on Facebook earlier today: “Hi. I’m a lady from NJ that had my cell number posted by [GBE Terintino] ย by mistake. This person put my number up on Instagram as some dude named Dex but this is NOT that person. I answered one text to ask how the hell my number was put out publicly and was sent a screen shot. I am a mother of an infant getting calls all hours of the night while my very sick son is sleeping. I am getting crazy voicemails about fucking this dex dude up etc. I would really appreciate if this page knows [GBE Terintino] person? ask him to remove the post PLEASE.”




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