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Happy 10/17; Gucci Manes Favorite Day


Today is 10/17. A day Gucci mane lives for.

Gucci Mane was born Radric Davis on Feb. 12th, 1980. He is one of the most well respected hip-hop artist in the world, with millions of fans and a giant family that we all know by the name of 1017. He has inspired so many artist and is viewed as the king of Atlanta. What many don’t know, is the true meaning behind 1017. Which has been made an international icon due to Gucci’s amazing work ethic and constant business ventures.

1017 (pronounced Ten-Seventeen) is an ambiguous number, but it means alot to Gucci. His inspiration. His Grandfather, Walter Davis Sr, whose home address was 1017, played a huge role in Gucci’s early career and inspired Gucci as an artist. (Not sure of the street but the house is located in Bessemer, Alabama. The city Gucci was born.) 

1017 also represents Gucci’s record label, 1017 Records. A label that has signed/worked with some of the most notable artist in the game. Including Young Thug, Chief Keef , Migos, Waka Flocka & Future. 1017 Records is known for being in the early stages of careers, bringing to light the ‘Trap’ and ‘Hood’ talents that are sometimes lost in the mainstream appeal.

1017 Records was created by Gucci in 2007 with the help of Mizay Entertainment. Originally named So Icey Entertainment, 1017 Records had a rocky start. After a fallout with Mizay Ent. Gucci decided to take full ownership of the label and rename it 1017 Records. The first official members of the label were Waka Flocka Flame and OJ Da Juiceman.

What followed was the rise of an iconic label loved by ‘Trap stars’ and ‘Hipsters’ alike.

Under 1017, Gucci has worked with hundreds if not thousands of artist. He has a discography that is too long to count, with hundreds of mixtapes. Often called the hardest working man in Hip-Hop, Gucci is always delivering new music for his fans. Part of the reason he is so well respected is his ability to deliver constant music with very little delay, a trait that is lacking in today’s Hip-Hop culture. Some of his most notable projects are the Trap House & Trap God series. Today, 3 years ago, Gucci released Trap God.

 You can check out some more of Guccis work here

Unfortunately, Gucci is unable to celebrate this year. He is sitting behind bars until late 2016 to early 2017 due to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Even with Gucci in jail, he is planning on releasing a movie this year & a biography next year. He has already proven that jail cant hold him back with the release of 10+ mixtapes since his incarceration. His assistant, Sean Paine is handling all of Gucci affairs & is the reason Gucci is able to do so much while in jail. Find out how Sean does it.

Be on the look out for new music from Gucci as well.





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