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Interview with King Savage; Creator of the “Zombie Walk”


First off, tell me a little about yourself.

My name is King Savage, I am a 19 year old rapper from Brooklyn, NY. I have an extremely rare disease called Arthrogryposis, which causes abnormal growth and curvature in my joints. Living with this disease is hard, it takes a lot out of you.

How was life growing up with Arthrogryposis?

I wasn’t supposed to live to see 5 years old. The doctors gave me 5 years max; they told my mom to not buy me a lot because I wouldn’t live long. I had barely any friends, and people always made fun of me because of my appearance. It was rough growing up with Arthrogryposis, but it was a life experience that made me stronger.  The friends that I have now are real. They grew up with me, and stayed with me through thick and thin. Desiigner is one of those friends.

So you and Desiigner are from the same neighborhood?  

We grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant, where our hood either made you or break you. The lifestyle of our neighborhood, heavily influenced our style of music.

How did the rapping come about?

We started rapping as a joke at first. Then we realized we actually had talent. “Spitting Bars” was something we all did for fun. Some days when my mom would leave, we would roll up and get high, while looking for instrumentals on YouTube. From then on it became a habit. There were days when Desiigner, Mulaa, and I would just rap and go against each other to see who had better bars. The first song we came up with was named “All I Know”, a song for all the smokers. We then went to my son, Lat Mekado’s crib and he produced the song for us.

 When did you guys record Zombie Walk?

We recorded Zombie Walk on September 20th, 2014. Panda was recorded the year after in 2015. Zombie walk was inspired by my disability (Those affected by Arthrogryposis are unable to walk normally).

Why did you guys wait a year to drop Zombie Walk? (Zombie walk was released on Dec. 3rd 2015)

We held onto Zombie Walk for so long because we knew it would be a hit. We didn’t want to flood the streets, we wanted to make tons of hits and release them slowly. For everyone saying Desiigner is a one hit wonder, listen to what I am saying, he is a smart ass man. Me and him have so many tracks together and they are all hits, just stay tuned!

Where is the name “King Savage” from?

Growing up I had so many nicknames. My entire family called me King, so I went with it. What makes me a savage is what I do. I am different from everyone else, you never see someone disabled rap, or turn up live on stage. I am always going wild and I live life how I want to live it.

Your life has definitely changed since Zombie Walk dropped; which was followed by Desiigner’s hit record Panda. With such a successful record, how is your life going?

Life has changed a lot for me. I get tons of love in the streets, my social media is blowing up, people are in my inbox wanting features left and right…. so things for me right now are really good. It is a crazy feeling because we started in my bathroom, and now we are viral, everybody knows Panda and now Zombie Walk is getting its buzz.

You had your first show two nights ago right? (April 15th 2016)

Yes and it was LIT! Me and Desiigner performed at the Barclay Center. It was my first performance ever. We performed Zombie Walk & Panda. It was a nervous feeling, the Barclay stadium was packed out. But Desiigner helped me out by picking me up, and turning all the way up. We fed off of each other’s energy and turned it into an unforgettable show; the crowd was turnt when “Zombie Walk” came on and everyone knew the lyrics. I want to relive that night over and over again.

Is your family supportive of what you’re doing?

My mom was always supportive, but she didn’t really have faith in my music career. Everyone wants to be a rapper, you feel me?  So I had to show her that I was built for this. It took me a while, but now she sees that I can make it in this game. My father passed away in 2011 from lung cancer. Unfortunately, he was unable to see me succeed, but his last words to me were “follow your dreams, be somebody. Whatever you decided to do, give it 1000% and you will be somebody.”

I have 3 sisters who have been supporting me this entire time. I got nothing but love for my family.

Who inspires King Savage?

I am inspired by rappers who started off with nothing and made it into something. Rappers like G Herbo, Famous Dex who started off as jokes and become major players in the game. Inspiration to me is seeing someone knocked down and get back up.

I saw people like Melvin & A-Town become famous for being funny. I want to become famous for living through 9 surgeries as a child, I want to make a way for kids who have disabilities, and I want to be MOTIVATION! Too many people judge a book by its cover.

What can we expect from King Savage in the future?

I have lots of new music on the way! Keep an eye out for me.

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