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Is 21 Savage backing down from his beef with Tyga?

The most ridiculous beef in the history of rap music might finally be coming to a close, and we here at Local Savage are glad that it didn’t end in bloodshed. 21 Savage and Tyga have been going back and forth on social media over the last few days, all stemming from a tweet that appeared on 21’s timeline earlier this week stating that he was going to tear up Kylie Jenner’s ass. Now, let’s first state the obvious: no woman wants their ass to be torn up, so he must mean that figuratively unless he is planning to take a scalpel to her anus. Anyway, Tyga responded with some subliminal Instagram posts and even wrote a diss song over 21’s “No Heart,” and 21 has taken his fair share of shots at Tyga during recent concert stops. It seems to have all finally come to a head today, as apparently all of the memes and ridicule from the Twitterverse were too much for the Atlanta MC to handle. He sent out a tweet basically asking for a truce, meaning I just lost a $50 bet in the Local Savage office pool that 21 would shoot Tyga in the head and walk off into the sunset with Kylie around his arm. Peep 21’s tweet below, and let us know what you think of this beef.

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