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Is Future Dropping Another New Album On Friday?!

Alright, so we’ve all had a few days to marinate on the release of Future’s new self-titled album, and the general consensus seems to be that it’s an instant classic that will be listened to by generations of rap fans until the Sun eventually burns out and destroys all life on Earth.

But what if I told you…he’s planning on dropping another album this Friday? An album full of those heartbreaking R&B jams we’ve all come to love from Future Hendrix? Wouldn’t that be absolutely incredible?

According to DJ Booth, “On the heels of his big self-titled release—headed for chart dominance this week—A1/Freebandz/Epic’s Future will be dropping another album on Friday, as artist and label vie for back-to-back #1s. Word has it the second set is more Rhythmic-leaning and radio-friendly.”

If this actually happens, the streets in Atlanta will run purple with codeine and percocets will rain from the top of every building. We can only hope.

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