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Is NBA YoungBoy Dating The “Cash Me Outside” Girl?


This isn’t one of those instances of two well-known social media figures meeting each other and causing the press to go crazy and speculate that they are dating. There seems to be something legitimately going on here, and you can count on Local Savage to get to the bottom of it.

Now obviously, I follow NBA YoungBoy on Instagram. And hey, maybe I follow the Cash Me Outside girl too, don’t judge my life choices. Apparently the two met yesterday, and for NBA it was love at first sight. He posted the following picture of the two of them:

When you with me no you ain’t got nothing to worry bout 😘

A post shared by 38BABY | NBA LIVE COMING SOON (@nba_youngboy) on

Now I can’t be the one that thinks that caption has some romantic meaning to it, especially with the kissy face. She posted a similar picture on her Instagram of the two of them, under which NBA commented “When I first met you to be real I had to stare you down <3” another sure sign that not only is he really thirsty but there seems to be something going on here.

We won’t know for sure until they both confirm it, but they’re looking pretty cozy in these pictures and NBA is clearly here for a meme-able relationship with that one chick from Dr. Phil. Oh yeah, and she’s like 15. This isn’t the best way to stay out of prison.

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