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Kodak Black Questioned For "Excessive Burping" At Probation Hearing | Local Savage
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Kodak Black Questioned For “Excessive Burping” At Probation Hearing


If you’ve been following Kodak Black at all over the last year or so, you know he’s not exactly a normal guy. First, there was that sexual assault case, where the court was unable to prove that he had raped a woman but they were able to prove that he had at least bitten her. Then there was the time he dropped his phone in the shower and showed the whole world his dick. Then the time he filmed his homies getting head on Instagram Live. Oh, and the time he threatened to beat Lil Wayne’s ass for no apparent reason.

Kodak could quite possibly be facing more than 8 years this time, but if you thought that would stop his strange behavior, you would be wrong. He has been participating in court-mandated anger management sessions, but according to the assigned counselor, she has had to remove him from multiple sessions for “excessive burping.” She also mentioned that he has refused to leave in the past, and that when she has tried to call 911, he has allegedly grabbed her wrist and forced her to put the phone down.

Now, how much of this is true? It’s up to you and a jury to decide. However, I think at a certain point, especially as rap fans, we have to separate the man from the music.

Gucci hit a fan over the head with a bottle and pushed a chick out of a moving car, but come on, he’s got classics. Lil Reese and Famous Dex have beaten the shit out of women on camera, but their music bumps. Keef has like a thousand kids and owes a shitload of money in child support that he doesn’t pay, and yet we love him. So consider that for second.

Watch below a local news report on Kodak’s bizarre court hearing.


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