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Lil Durk’s Former Mistress, Romina Garcia, Found Dead

In October of 2015 a video surfaced onto the internet of Lil Durk, who was dating Dej Loaf at the time, laying in bed with a beautiful young woman. The young lady and Lil Durk looked like they had just finished a long night under the sheets.

The young woman was Romina Garcia. Sadly, she was found dead 3 days ago (Jan 11, 2016), from a reported heroin overdose; the same day Lil Durk dropped his duet with Dej Loaf.

Romina was often the center of controversy, even before her relationship with Lil Durk went viral. Romina uploaded a video in late 2014, where she exclaimed “if your significant other abuses you, it’s a sign of love.”

A friend of Romina notified Lil Durk of her passing, however, he denied ever knowing her.

“GOD I’m f**king glad I know what I know and I move the way I move. I notified @real_lildurk that @rominakdashian_ passed away ol boy said he don’t know her? Really bro ? listen ladies wake up so this dude just lets girls take pix naked in bed kissing and you don’t know her ? WOW ok I’ve been around way b4 this kid got on you can’t play me lol . I’m just glad I got my shit in order these dudes don’t even care if u die damn and Claim they don’t know you I have so much info for these girls I need to get out to help them FRFR I didn’t know her but I feel some typa way about her death a whole lotta old me that I was blessed with enough time to atleast see shit for what it is rip romina shit fucked up ❤️ PS HE ASKED ME HOW SHE DIED FIRST U BRAINLESS B***HES so he knew who I was talking about foh I’m just showing you females these fucks don’t give NONE even in DEATH plan ahead ON GOD that’s like Soulja boy acting like he never met me come the fuck on ????”

We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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