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Lil Jay says fame changed Famous Dex in phone call from jail

During a recent phone call from prison Lil Jay gave his own opinion on Famous Dex. The once close friends and collaborators have grown apart over the years, and Lil Jay feels fame is to blame.

“Dex my son on foenem. Shorty was BDK, shorty was with the sh*t,” Lil Jay said.

“I don’t know what happened now. I only talked to shorty one time. He said he ain’t BDK and all that sh*t. We all was brothers in this sh*t. I don’t know where the fu sh*t come from. …They say money change some n****s. We been had the clout, we been had the money. He must be feeling himself cause he got a little bit of clout. Let short gon head and do him. We still gone do us.”

Just yesterday Lil Jay’s fellow FBG member, Duck, called out Famous Dex for letting money get in the way of friendship.

Peep Lil Jay’s phone call below:

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