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Lucki Announces New Tape “Almighty So 2”


Well, at least these Chicago rappers are finally recognizing who their father is. If you’re familiar with the Midwest scene, you’ve probably heard of Lucki Eck$, who dropped the Eck$ from his name after he quit Xanax and now just goes by “Lucki.”

He’s been releasing a ton of quality new music lately, and announced a mixtape titled “Watch My Back” that was to be released on April 10th. Seeing as how Lucki was once affiliated with Glo Gang, he has developed a hatred for dropping things when he says he will drop them, and April 10th came and went with not so much as a tweet from Lucki explaining where the tape was.

Well, it seems like we’re getting some news today. Lucki has decided to scrap the whole “Watch My Back” concept, which seemed to tie in with the punk scene of the 70s and 80s, and will instead be titling the tape “Almighty So 2.” He’s mentioned on his Instagram story that he’s a massive Keef fan, so maybe we’ll see some collaborations on this tape. Or maybe it’s a load of bullshit, only time will tell. Peep the tweet below.

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