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Matti Baybee Caught Selling Unreleased Chief Keef Music


Last year we did an article on Chief Keef and his obsessive cult-like following, titled The Cult of Keef: How Diehard Fans Became Infamous Leakers. In it we cracked the surface of an elicit underground group of people who buy, sell, and trade Chief Keef music recorded between the years 2012 and 2014. You can give it a read here. The last thing we expected while working on it was for Matti Baybee – a Chicago rapper and rumored cousin of Sosa – to be selling unreleased Chief Keef music. One of our contributors told us a few days ago that they had purchased an unreleased Sosa song from Matti and promised they’d return with proof soon. We understandably found this hard to believe.

Earlier today our Contributor, who is known on the Internet as GLONL3, sent us screenshots (see below) of Instagram message conversations both himself, and another customer of Matti – named JM – had with Matti discussing the sale of unreleased Sosa, specifically the songs D Line, Have My Baby, and Lowlife. In these screenshots it is made obvious Matti’s no rookie to the Unreleased Sosa game. They also prove Matti sold two unreleased Chief Keef songs to JM for $200 and tried to sell a third to GLONL3 for $100 – without the permission of Keef we assume.

The first conversation is between JM and Matti, who contacts JM after finding out the two songs he sold him (Have My Baby and D-Line) had leaked. In the second conversation we see GLONL3 pay Matti $100 in exchange for Low Life. This time around it is obvious Matti doesn’t plan on sending out more songs as he attempts to scam GLONL3. Luckily GLONL3 is able to get his money refunded thanks to a PayPal dispute.

We reached out to Matti for comment. He tells us he did in-fact sell unreleased Chief Keef music in exchange for $500 and feels no remorse.

Check out screenshots of the conversations below.

JM & Matti Baybee via Instagram DM



GLONL4 & Matti Baybee via Instagram DM








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