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Rich The Kid Rips Off Multiple Yeezy Boost Resellers

Rich The Kid is in hot water with the Yeezy Boost reselling community. The Instagram account YeezyBusta, which has over 200k followers and is known for exposing rappers and other celebrities for wearing fake Yeezys , is accusing Rich The Kid of ripping off several sneaker resellers. Earlier today YeezyBusta posted evidence to back up their claim by sharing text message screenshots from two different occasions where Rich The Kid was fronted a pair of Yeezys, without ever actually paying for them. “Not only did @richthekid rock fakes, but also, he scams people. He uses his “fame” to meet up with people who sell rare shoes and clothing and then takes the product and never ends up paying. Then proceeds and blocks the seller. I have multiple sellers from different places. Smh. #busted round 2 if you’re so rich, why don’t you pay up?” YeezyBusta added under his post, which you can check out below.

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