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Smokepurpp Paid Chief Keef $10,000 For A Verse On His New Mixtape


Over the last year or so, people have finally woken up to the fact that Chief Keef is one of the most influential rappers of all time. The current Soundcloud scene owes its whole aesthetic to him, and rappers like Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, and more can trace direct lineage to Keef’s style. Smokepurpp is an especially big fan it seems, as he recently paid Sosa $10,000 to do a verse on his upcoming mixtape “DEADSTAR.” This fact comes from a new piece that the New York Times published this week about the underground rap scene.

A few weeks later, he was in Alamo’s New York office, looking more lucid. The label’s founder, Todd Moscowitz, said he had given Smokepurpp some advice, reminding him that if he wanted to elevate to the next level of success, he would need to rely on drugs less. As part of his plan to shift Smokepurpp closer to the mainstream, Mr. Moscowitz moved him into a New York apartment and put a team — graphic designers, merchandise experts and blogger — to work. Mid-interview, Mr. Moscowitz called a representative of Chief Keef to offer $10,000 for a verse on Smokepurpp’s coming mixtape. Out in the office, Smokepurpp looked over artwork for a new single in which he recreated the funeral coffin photograph of the shock-punker G. G. Allin, who died of an apparent drug overdose in 1993.

In case any of you were wondering how Sosa manages to live such a luxurious lifestyle while shying away from the mainstream, here is your answer. Read the whole New York Times article here.

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