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Snap Dogg accuses Rocaine of “snitching” on him


Detroit rap artist Snap Dogg is accusing another Detroit rapper of “snitching” on him in the video below.

At first it was unclear who Snap Dogg was talking about, he refused to mention the name of the “snitch” but confirmed it to be a rapper. Shortly after that Smoke Camp Chino, also a Detroit rapper, said he was no longer cool with Rocaine, which made a lot of fans scratch their heads. Up until last month, Smoke Camp Chino was calling Rocaine his “brother”. In the video below Snap Dogg says “Just got off the phone with Chino, that’s my dog” followed by “These n*ggas is snitches, talking about that gunplay, rapping about it, you is a snitch bro. I ain’t going to say no names”.

Rocaine and Smoke Camp Chino are members of the Glo Gang offshoot CateGlory Boyz, a record label created for Detroit rappers by Chief Keef earlier this year. Snap Dogg is signed to Lil Durk’s record label Only The Family.


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