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Watch Lil Bibby’s Video For His New Heater “Free Crack 4 Intro”


Man, I was wondering why my life has felt so empty lately. Every day seems to serve as affirmation of my meaningless existence, moving in the same circle endlessly until the weight of crushed dreams and missed opportunities combined with the plaque buildup in my arteries results in a massive, fatal heart attack. Could it be that I haven’t loved, truly loved, since I was a young boy? Could it be that the harsh reality of the world has instilled such a deep sense of cynicism in my soul that I can no longer open myself to life’s simple pleasures?

No, it’s the fact that Lil Bibby never dropped his debut album. Weren’t we supposed to get The Epilogue (dumb title by the way) like two years ago? I swear this man tanked his own career, he had potential too. Also Free Crack 3 wasn’t really that great, but I digress.

It seems like Bibby is finally dropping a new project, which he’s officially begun the rollout for with a new single, “Free Crack 4 Intro.” Check it out below.

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