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What To Expect From Chief Keef’s “Two Zero One Seven”


It’s that time again folks, we’re really getting a new Chief Keef project. We here at the Local Savage office have been saying for months that it would never happen, and we even had a betting pool worth $15k that Keef would have his tenth kid before he dropped anything for the fans. It’s unclear at this point whether it’s an official album or a mixtape, but either way, its coming January 1st and Sosa has been feeding us small hints about what to expect for months. Here’s what we know about the project so far:

Lex Luger Production

Lex Luger made his name in the early 2010’s redefining the trap sound with the likes of Juicy J, Rick Ross, and Waka Flocka Flame. You probably recognize his beats from earth-shattering records like “BMF” and “Hard in da Paint,” as well as the Rubba Band Business mixtape series. Keef has been posting snippets of new collaborations with the producer on his Instagram for the past few weeks, and to be honest, they sound hard as bricks. Definitely something to look forward to, as the two have previously worked together on “Save Me,” an undisputed classic.

Verses From Lil Yachty and 2 Chainz

A few months ago, Glo Gang in-house producer CBMix posted a list of unreleased songs on his snapchat that he had recently recorded with Keef. The tracks were all labeled as “Turbo,” Keef’s nickname, and several of them had features that included Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz, and more. Yachty and Sosa were actually on stage together at ComplexCon not too long ago, so we know that they are at least on good terms. We can only hope that these songs will end up on the project, as they will generate some much-needed buzz to get the Chicago drill star back in the limelight.

Mike Will Made It, King Turbo Slayed It

Another producer that Keef has cozied up to lately will most likely be making an appearance on Two One Zero Seven. That would be a fellow that goes by the name of Mike Will, a close friend of Keef’s ever since the two met during a recording session with Gucci Mane. Earlier this year, they were spotted together at Mike’s EarDrummers studio, laying down tracks with Rae Sremmurd that will hopefully find their way onto the internet sooner rather than later. For the fans paying attention, Mike Will and Keef have already recently collaborated, on the song “Flex” off of Finally Rolling 2.

More Straight Up Rapping

Speaking of Finally Rolling 2, let’s finally address the elephant in the room that all of us Glo fans have known about for a long time; when it comes to straight up rapping, just spitting bars, Keef isn’t the strongest. The songs on Finally Rolling 2 where he is simply free-styling over a old school Jeezy or Gucci beat range from boring to downright horrible. He is at his strongest when he is harnessing his talent for melodies and creative flows, but judging from recent snippets on his Instagram, he’s going to continue to take the straight rapping approach to this newest project. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Soundcloud Producers. Lots of Them.

Do you ever see those guys advertising their beats in Youtube or Instagram comment sections? Trying to spam your page with the link to their Soundclouds? Well expect some of them to show up on Two Zero One Seven. Keef sent out an email address on his Twitter not too long ago asking for people to send him their hottest beats. It’s worked out for him before, with amateur producers like Bass Kids and Young Malcolm, so let’s see how it pans out this time around.

Appearances From Old Lamron Buddies

For a while, it didn’t seem like Keef was cool with any of the rappers he came up with from his neighborhood with the exception of Ballout, Tadoe, and Fredo. He was upset last year when Young Chop leaked “Decline,” a song that featured him and Lil Durk, so there seemed to be signs of tension that we didn’t know about. However, whatever beef there was has been squashed by now, and Keef has been seen in the studio this year with Durk, Lil Reese, Chop, and other friends from those original Glory Boyz days. Expect some nostalgia to come washing over you.


Well, that’s all we know so far. As always with a Keef project, don’t set your expectations too high; there’s a decent chance the thing will never even come out. Remember to check back at Local Savage for updates, and let us know your thoughts on this latest development.

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