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What’s Going On With Chief Keef and Sean Kingston?


The title of “strangest musical pairing ever conceived” would have to go to Chicago drill legend Chief Keef and former Jamaican pop star Sean Kingston, who have been recording songs together over the past few months with involvement from the likes of Metro Boomin and Kodak Black. Their first collaboration, “Murda Mook,” left fans scratching their heads, as it sounded like a fairly decent Keef single with an oddly aggressive Sean Kingston verse tacked on at the end. Most music listeners haven’t even thought of Kingston in five or six years, not since he was a chart-dominating superstar with hits like “Beautiful Girls” and “Fire Burning.” So how, after flying under the radar for a few years, did he end up in the studio with Keef working on a new project?

Over the span of his career, Kingston has worked closely with a number of rappers, from Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa to French Montana and Dr. Dre. However, his popularity has waned significantly in recent years due to his inability to churn out the hits he had become known for, a fact that became quite clear following the flop of his 2013 album, Back 2 Life. In March of 2014, he emerged from a brief musical hiatus to announce that he would be recording a new album with Zendaya, a pop artist and Disney star. It seemed he was ready to go back to the roots of the sound that had made him famous, a Caribbean-infused take on dance music, but the project never took off, and it seemed like any chance of a comeback was dead in the water.

Things weren’t looking good for the Jamaican singer. His career had come to a screeching halt, and a series of unfortunate events seemed to constantly derail any opportunity he could find to start fresh again. Running out of options, Kingston turned to Metro Boomin, the hottest producer in hip-hop at the moment who seemed to have a special talent for taking artists under his wing and molding their sound into something new and exciting. Also occupying Metro’s studio at the time was Chief Keef, who had taken up a short residency there to record a chunk of new music, some of which would end up on his Finally Rolling 2 mixtape. It can be assumed the two became fast friends, as not soon after meeting they announced a joint project to be released sometime in the near future.

As any Chief Keef fan knows, if he is involved with the release of anything, it will most likely never see the light of day. “Murda Mook” came and passed, and fans assumed that the collaboration was a one and done type deal and that Kingston was just hyping himself up to appeal to a new listener base. The singer continued to work with Keef affiliates, but the relationship with Sosa himself didn’t seem to have turned out to be a fruitful one. That is, until yesterday, when Keef tweeted out a brand new song with Kingston, titled “All I Wanted.”

The song was officially released through a DJ Twin mixtape, but Sosa tweeting out the link to his 1.5 million Twitter followers is a clear indication that he wants it to receive exposure and reach as many ears as possible. He’s not known to tweet out songs that he didn’t personally drop on his Youtube channel, which gives further meaning to his endorsement of the new release. Now with two tracks under their belts and a musical partnership that seems as strong as ever, it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing more of Kingston on Keef’s upcoming GB4 project. It’s not every day that the Chicago rapper chooses another artist to cosign, and although he has supported the Detroit trap scene and signed Rocaine, it is still rare to see him work so closely with anybody, especially a former pop star. We’ll have to wait and see what other collaborations appear in the coming months, but its clear that Keef and Kingston make a potent duo.

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