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YouTube Reveals The Most Relevant Hip-Hop Artists of 2016


  YouTube is without a doubt one of the most used music streaming platforms and the popularity of an artist can be easily determined by the amount of the views they bring to the table. Artist like Drake and Kanye have dominated the music industry for several years and their album sales prove it. But the new wave of rap artist rely far more on the views they get on YouTube and the plays they get on Soundcloud to earn an income, not album sales.

Shockingly, the most viewed rap artists on YouTube are a combination of old school rappers like Jay Z & 50 Cent combined with the newer wave of hitmakers like Young Thug and Future.

According to YouTube, the most relevant artists of 2016 are:

  1. Drake (927+ million views)
  2. Jay Z (64+ million views)
  3. Future (707+ million views)
  4. J.Cole (159+ million views)
  5. Kendrick Lamar (179+ million views)
  6. Meek Mill (191+ million views)
  7. 50 Cent (307+ million views)
  8. Rick Ross (113+ million views)
  9. The Game (127+ million views)
  10. Kanye West (262+ million views)
  11. Young Thug (344+ million views)
  12. Lil Wayne (248+ million views)

Thanks to them boys on KTT, you can peep the numbers for yourself here

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